The Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA) Hamilton


The Association

The Nigerian Association of Hamilton is a non-profit and non- political association established in February 1999, with its center of activities based in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Forefront in the goals of the association is the creation and the maintenance of an atmosphere that encourages and enables the pursuit of areas of excellence and in areas of progressive endeavor. The association has a commitment to encourage and assist the youth of its community in embracing the progressive thoughts of the association's heritage and in the pursuit of academic excellence and creativity.

Our Mission

To promote the spirit of oneness, and to provide an environment for individuals with the Nigerian heritage to comfortably evolve in the community.

Our Goals

1.Promote Nigerian culture subtly to enrich the Canadian cultural landscape.

2. Foster a welcoming space for social and multicultural engagement.

3.Offer cultural connection and identity for children of Nigerian descent and others.

4.Build a supportive network for members in need.

5.Serve as a key network for the social and economic betterment of our members and the wider society.

Meet the Executives

Olawale Williams


Diepriye Opuda


Ruth Paul


Rachael Williams

Social Secretary

Princewill Ugwu

Public Relations Officer

Jane kawekwune

Financial Secretary

Amoge Ugwu


Christian Ezueka

Youth Leader

Our Foundations - Constitution and By-Laws

Explore the guiding principles and regulations that shape the Nigerian Canadian Association, Hamilton. Our Constitution and By-Laws provide the framework for our operations, governance, and community engagement, ensuring transparency, accountability, and fairness in all we do. This section offers insight into how we uphold our values and manage our association for the benefit of all members.

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