Come join us in celebrating our cultural heritage, fostering unity and mutual support.


On behalf of our association, we extend a heartfelt welcome to all members of our vibrant community. This year, we come together under the theme of ‘Neighbors’ Keeper’, reaffirming our commitment to fostering unity, mutual support, and celebrating our rich cultural heritage. We invite you to actively participate in our events and initiatives, strengthening the bonds that unite us while making a positive impact on the broader society we are privileged to be a part of. Together, we can create a future that honors our traditions, uplifts one another, and leaves a lasting legacy of cultural richness and compassion.


The Nigerian Canadian Association, Hamilton (NCAH) was established in February 1999 as a non-profit, non-political association with the aim of fostering a supportive environment for Nigerians in Hamilton.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote unity and provide a conducive environment for individuals with Nigerian heritage to thrive in the community.‚Äč

Our Goals

Our goals include promoting Nigerian culture, encouraging multicultural dialogues, providing cultural identity, helping members in need, and serving as a social and economic network for members and the broader community.


Membership in the Nigerian Canadian Association, Hamilton, offers a pathway to enriching experiences, meaningful relationships, and a sense of belonging in a community that values each member’s contribution.

Networking Opportunities

Access to a network of professionals and community members for personal and professional growth.


Participate in events, discussions, and activities promoting Nigerian culture and heritage.

Educational Resources

Access to workshops, virtual clinics, and resources aimed at personal and professional development.

Member Support

Receive support during challenging times, and contribute to the support of others within the community.

Information Sharing

Stay informed on community news, events, and other relevant updates through regular meetings and communications.

Leadership Development

Opportunities to take on leadership roles within the community, contributing to its growth and direction.


Enjoy discounts on event tickets, hall rentals, and selected community businesses.


Have a voice in community matters and contribute to the collective decisions impacting the association.

Event Gallery

Video Gallery

Our Sponsors

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following organizations and individuals for their generous support and sponsorship. Your contributions have made a significant impact on our community and enabled us to continue promoting Nigerian culture and heritage in Canada.

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